Anup Patel

Anup Patel is the Chief Executive Officer of Arch Street Capital Advisors. In his capacity as CEO, he is responsible for the operational oversight of the firm and its investment activities.

Joining Arch Street shortly after the firm’s founding, Mr. Patel has played an instrumental role in the firm’s investment and operational activities since inception. Prior to Arch Street, he worked at GE Capital in the North America real estate debt group, and prior to that worked as part of GE Capital’s private equity group. He has been a frequent speaker on topics relating to real estate investment and finance, including the intersection of Islamic Finance and commercial real estate investments and the implementation of acceptable investment structures. Mr. Patel has been featured as a guest speaker at New York University’s Shack Institute of Real Estate and Columbia University’s Real Estate Development program.

Mr. Patel holds a B.S. degree from Cornell University’s School of Hospitality Management.